Deductibles are the contributions you make towards the cost of your treatment. Adding deductibles to your Worldwide Health Options plan can help you to make your chosen plan more affordable – the higher the deductible, the lower your subscription.

If you choose to have a deductible on your core Worldwide Medical Insurance cover, deductibles will also apply if you opt for Worldwide Medical Plus or Worldwide Medicines and Equipment (deductibles don't apply to Worldwide Wellbeing, Worldwide Evacuation or USA cover).

You choose the value of your Worldwide Medical Insurance deductible, although the Worldwide Wellbeing and Worldwide Medicines and Equipment deductibles are fixed. You can see the deductible rates in the table below.

Deductibles Landscape

How deductibles are applied

Deductibles apply separately for treatment you have under each of the options in your Worldwide Health Options plan. For example:

You choose a plan that includes Worldwide Medical Insurance (core) and Worldwide Medical Plus (option) and opt for a GBP 500 deductible for your Worldwide Medical Insurance. This means that a deductible will also apply to your Worldwide Medical Plus – this is fixed at GBP 100.

You break your leg and are treated in hospital (covered by your Worldwide Medical Insurance)

  • cost of treatment - GBP 1000
  • deductible (amount paid by you) - GBP 500
  • amount paid by us - GBP 500

Then you need physiotherapy (covered by your Worldwide Medical Plus option)

  • cost of treatment - GBP 300
  • deductible (amount paid by you) - GBP 100
  • amount paid by us - GBP 200

Deductibles don't affect the way in which we pay for your treatment. If we have agreed to settle your bill direct with your health provider, we will still do this in full (for eligible treatment and up to any limits), and then simply collect your deductible from you using your direct debit agreement or credit card authorisation. If you are paying for your treatment and claiming it back from us, we'll make the deduction from your claim before paying you.


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